Last Updated 22/10/16 – … New 2017 dates for Nick and Nasty Habits … Johnny Kidd, 23/12/1935 – 08/10/1966 … Photos and YouTubes of Nasty Habits in Poland … Next chapter of Nick’s story! … Hasty Habits new singer – Attila Scholtz …


Nick and Nasty Habits – New Gigs for 2017




Peter has announced two new Nasty Habits gigs for 2017:


10th March 2017 – “EBOARDMUSEUM” Klagenfurt, Austria
11th March 2017 – “Reigen”, Vienna, Austria





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Nick and Nasty Habits – New Gigs for 2017

      Peter has announced two new Nasty Habits gigs for 2017:   10th March 2017 – “EBOARDMUSEUM” Klagenfurt, Austria 11th March 2017 – “Reigen”,

Johnny Kidd 23/12/1935 – 08/10/1966

October 8th 2016 marks the 50th anniversary of the death of Johnny Kidd. Without doubt he was one of England’s greatest rock singers, and the most charismatic performer I ever saw. Johnny was a

Nasty Habits at Kielce Rock, Poland 04.09.2016

Peter Brkusic has sent us some photos from the recent Hasty Habits gig in Kielce, Poland, featuring their new singer, Attila Scholtz from the Hungarian band “Cry Free “.

Chapter 18 – Getting It Together in Deeves Hall

Nick and Jon Lord hand in their notice to the Flowerpot Men, and get together with Ritchie Blackmore and Bobby Woodman in an old farmhouse in Hertfordshire. A management deal is secured, and they mana

Nick and Nasty Habits – new gigs

  Nick will be playing three gigs with Nasty Habits, featuring their new singer Attila Scholtz in September: 3rd September – The Reigen, Vienna 4th September – Kielce ROCKugaFestival,

Nasty Habits – new singer Attila Scholtz

Peter Brkusic from Nasty Habits has supplied us with a brief history of their new singer: Attila Scholtz was born in Budapest, Hungary on 7 June 1973. He took two college degrees in teaching English a

Goodbye To Old Friends

During August 2014, my lovely niece, Sophia Palombo, passed away after a long battle with cancer. Just 45 years old, she was the youngest of my late sister’s four daughters, a great girl who liv

Rock n’ Roll Hall Of Fame

Want to know what Nick thinks about Deep Purple being inducted into the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame? Click here.

Chapter 17 : Jon Lord Receives A Telegram

Jon Lord receives a mysterious telegram, and offers Nick the chance to give up touring the flower-power circuit with the Flowerpot Men .. Read the full story here.

Nick Simper & Nasty Habits CD

The brand new studio album “De La Frog Conspiracy” by NICK SIMPER & NASTY HABITS is out now. This is Nick Simper´s first studio album in 18 years! 11 new original songs, contemporary

Team Rock Interview, July 2014

Nick recalls his 1969 departure from Deep Purple to Team Rock, July 2014

The Flowerpot Men in Germany

Nick joins up with Jon Lord, Ged Peck and Carlo Little to form “Sundial” who manage to get a few of their own songs into the set as the Flowerpot Men tour Germany. Broken fan belts, 3-foot

Nasty Habits play the Ottakringer Arena, Vienna

  Photos from the Vienna date – click here.   Click here for the Nasty Habits web site, which lists all their gigs and YouTube videos, plus a potted history of how they got together with Nick

Nick and Nasty Habits – recording, September 2012

Photos of Nick and Nasty Habits in the recording studio, September 2012. Click on either of the pictures to see the full set.

Jon Lord

(9 June 1941 – 16 July 2012) During the last few years, the music business has lost some of its most seminal players, people who inspired me and many others. We said goodbye to my three favourit

Metal Shock Interview, June 2012

Nick interviewed by Mohsen Fayyazi for the Metal Shock (Finland) web site, June 2012

Savages & Flowerpot Men

    Chapter 15 of Nick’ Story recalls how he was almost wooed (in a business sense) by Lady Henrietta Guinness, how he braved fire and water as a member of Screaming Lord Sutch and the

Nasty Habits in Germany, 2011

  Pictures of Nick and Nasty Habits at their gigs in Germany and Austria during 2011, courtesy of Peter Brkusic. Click on the picture to see the whole set.   Peter has also given us a translation of

Nick & Nasty Habits, Live at Szene, Vienna

  Click on the image above to order from the Angel Air Web Site   NICK SIMPER & NASTY HABITS Live at Szene, VIENNA     Click on the image to order from the Angel Air Web Site   On 8th Mar

Nick & Doogie White in Brazil

    I would like to express my sincere thanks to everyone involved with my recent trip to Brazil, especially Rodrigo Scelza, who organised everything, together with his partners, Fernando Goular

The Deep Purple MKI Songbook

Nick Simper & Nasty Habits   Scheduled release date: 16th August 2010       The first release will be a special limited edition (1,000 copies only) enhanced CD with bonus video footage

Nasty Habits Single

        To coincide with the release of The Deep Purple MKI Songbook a single featuring a storming version of The Doors’ Roadhouse Blues is also being released.      It also inclu

Nick in Hungary

  Together with the Nasty Habits, I had a very enjoyable gig in Budapest recently. I would like to thank the guys in the band Cry Free, who made sure that we received the best hospitality possible. I

Nick Simper T-Shirts

Nick Simper – Still Rockin’   T-Shirts now available!     Specially produced official T-shirts designed to commemorate both 40 years of Deep Purple, and 50 years since Nick

Nick in Austria

  Here’s a photo of Nick and Bernie Marsden, with “Sam the drummer” after their recent gig at Spielberg in Austria. More photos and write-ups to follow soon.

Blagards & Cowboys

Nick has recently finished an album with former pirate John Kerrison called Skulduggery by Blagards & Cowboys, with Adrian Connery, Peter Parks and Barry Parfitt. Click on the cover below to liste

Hush – Autographed by all 5 band members!

Courtesy of Gerhard Koritnik: “I obtained the record from Mr. David Naughton, who lives in Seattle, WA. His sister, Mary, who sadly passed away at the end of the 90´s, obtained the autographs i

Birthday Greetings

Many thanks to all those who wished me a happy birthday at our recent gig at Mill Hill, and special thanks to to Reinhard and Sabrina who came all the way from Vienna to give me a delicious chocolate

Nick in Poland

Last week, together with the Nasty Habits, I performed a concert at Plock in Poland. This was our first visit and we were all absolutely knocked out by the warmth of our reception and the great hospit

The Good Old Boys

Live At The Deep Purple Convention Available to order from Amazon UK Release: 6th July 2009   The convention commemorating the 40th Anniversary of the formation of Deep Purple included a unique p

Good Old Boys in Vienna

   Message from Nick   Many thanks to Nasty Habits, Christian Schoen and all our friends in Vienna, who made the Good Old Boys’ third visit to the Reigen so enjoyable last week, and speci

In Austria With Nasty Habits

Many thanks to all the Deep Purple fans who attended my recent gigs with the Nasty Habits in Austria. It was tremendous fun to revive the Mark I act, and the enthusiasm of the audience proved that the

A Special Message From Nick

At the end of last year, I had to cancel several shows in Austria and Germany with the Nasty Habits, where we were to perform the Deep Purple Mk I songbook. The reason for this was the sudden ill-heal

Nick & Nasty Habits on YouTube

  More YouTube video from Peter Brkusic: “The Deep Purple Mark 1 Songbook”, performed by Nick and “Nasty Habits”. Here is the official promo DVD for the show, including an int

Nick and Bernie Marsden

Nick met up with Bernie Marsden recently at Bernie’s record store. Photo courtesy of Peter Brkusic.  

Blagards & Cowboys

White Horses of Lyme Bay   Nick and Pete were in the studio recently, helping out their old mate John Kerrison with a three-track sampler of country-tinged rock ‘n’ roll. You can list

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  Part 10 of Nick’s Story Nick recalls the Summer of 1966, which as everyone knows ended in tragedy. Read his story here.   Deep Purple – History, Hits & Highlights 1968-76 Due for r