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Nasty Habits – new singer Attila Scholtz

Peter Brkusic from Nasty Habits has supplied us with a brief history of their new singer:

Attila Scholtz
Attila Scholtz

Attila Scholtz was born in Budapest, Hungary on 7 June 1973. He took two college degrees in teaching English as a foreign language, but he has always been more attracted to the stage than to schools. He formed his first band at the age of 14, and besides learning to play all the basic “rock instruments”, he soon started focusing on singing. His voice has been classically trained since 1995. In 2003, he was awarded “Singer of the Year” at the award show organised by Hungary’s biggest rock club, Wigwam. He has also learnt to play latin percussion and he’s a keen harmonica player. As a founding member and key figure of the Foundation for Hungarian Rock Musicians, Attila worked a lot for years to help young musicians get along in the weird world of music business.


He is most well-known, however, as founder and leader of Cry Free, the Hungarian Deep Purple Cover Band, one of the most authentic tribute acts in the whole world, looking back onto a 20-year career, during which they have given more than 500 shows in 8 countries, sometimes playing to thousands (their audience record: 9000 people). When the band celebrated Deep Purple’s 40th anniversary in 2008 with a huge concert, the members of the “real” Deep Purple welcomed them in a video message that they had recorded just for them beforehand.


Cry Free is perhaps the only tribute band in the world who have played with three original members of the group they represent on separate occasions. Perhaps the most outstanding of all these collaborations was the one with Jon Lord (R.I.P.), as the legendary keyboardist/composer toured the world playing his extraordinary show with some of the best symphony orchestras and conductors, and Cry Free. Until the great maestro’s untimely death, Attila and his band accompanied him on stage 14 times in 4 different countries, reaching as far as Asia.


Apart from Jon Lord (and other rock legends such as Ken Hensley of Uriah Heep and Bobby Rondinelli of Rainbow/Black Sabbath), Cry Free have also performed with founding Deep Purple members Ian Paice and Nick Simper. During the Simper collaboration, the bass player’s own band, Austrian musicians Nasty Habits made a mental note that singer Attila Scholtz may be of good use for them in the future. And indeed, when original NH singer Christian Schmied couldn’t make it to their Russian tour early 2015, they brought in the Hungarian singer, who came to the rescue. A few months later he was announced as an official member, and now the new Nasty Habits line-up complete with Attila Scholtz is awaiting a handful of shows this autumn with Nick Simper on board again, of course.

Nick Simper & Nasty Habits CD

The brand new studio album “De La Frog Conspiracy” by NICK SIMPER & NASTY HABITS is out now. This is Nick Simper´s first studio album in 18 years! 11 new original songs, contemporary rock in the classic line-up at its best.

Copies signed by Nick Simper for 15 Euros only available from Nasty Habits.

Send an email to for more details.

To mark this historic event, Nick will be re-uniting with Nasty Habits for a gig on 16th May 2015 at Vereinshaus, 6811 Göfis, Austria.


Nasty Habits in Germany, 2011


Pictures of Nick and Nasty Habits at their gigs in Germany and Austria during 2011, courtesy of Peter Brkusic. Click on the picture to see the whole set.


Peter has also given us a translation of an article from the ECLIPSED Magazine from Germany 11/2010:


After his leaving from D.P., Nick Simper recorded 2 great albums with “WARHORSE” and later on some mainstream projects. Together with the Austrian Band “NASTY HABITS”, Simper worked on important songs from the 1st DEEP PURPLE Lineup and brought it with the Youngsters on stage.
The result is amazing, cause they performed the old songs with a lot of feeling, joy of playing and power. “Emmaretta” is steaming, “Chasing Shadows” is played with drive and a 60´s atmosphere, “Lalena” is beautifully through the lyric phrases- and “Hush” they played also of course. Believe it or not- this lineup sounds more authentic then the actual lineup from DEEP PURPLE.

Nick & Nasty Habits, Live at Szene, Vienna


Click on the image above to order from the Angel Air Web Site





Click on the image to order from the Angel Air Web Site


On 8th March 2011 playing to a sold out audience at Vienna’s legendary Rock Club “Szene” NICK SIMPER (founder member DEEP PURPLE) performed with NASTY HABITS (Austria’s finest Classic Rock band) original tracks from Nick’s period in Deep Purple (Mk 1).


With Deep Purple today only having just one original member from their MK 1 days it is highly unlikely that the band will perform these now neglected classic songs in concert.


The mantle is therefore passed to Nick and Nasty Habits to bring some long forgotten classics back to life and bring them back to life they do. They performed eleven tracks from the first three Deep Purple albums plus one new track “Slinky” from the forthcoming new album.


This release is both a CD version and an actual DVD of the concert at The Scene, Vienna.





Title: Live at Szene, VIENNA


2 disc set CD and DVD (Sound & Vision)


DVD5- NTSC all regions


Cat No: SJPCD386


1. And The Address

2. The Painter

3. Mandrake Root

4. Emmaretta

5. Chasing Shadows

6. Lalena

7. Wring That Neck

8. Bird Has flown

9. Why Didn’t Rosemary

10. Slinky

11. Roadhouse Blues

12. Kentucky Women

13. Hush