Chapter 19 – Rod and Ian join the “Roundabout”….

The new group starts to take shape at DeeDeep Purple, De Lane Lea studio, mid '68ves Hall as auditions for a singer bring a steady stream of wannabes are taxied (by Nick!)  to and from the hall. Ashley Holt is one of those auditioned, but his choice of Wilson Pickett songs doesn’t impress them. Then one Rod Evans appears, bringing his version of the Beatles song, ‘Help’, and the right man for the job is found, although not before he has to endure Ritchie’s practical jokes! At the same time, Bobby Woodman’s opinions start to differ from the rest of the band, and Rod’s drummer from this previous band, The Maze, comes on board in the shape of Ian Paice. Now all they need is a name for the  band!


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