Gig Lists

Here’s a potted history of Nick’s gigs from the 60’s and 70’s

Johnny Kidd & the New Pirates

May 14th Bromley
May 20th Walton On the Naze
May 21st Odeon Cinema, Kingsbury 
May 26th Leas Cliff Hall, Folkestone
May 27th Abergavenny
June 2nd Wantage
June 3rd Newbury
June 25th Leas Cliff Hall, Folkestone
July Oxford 
Prestatyn, Clwyd 
Seaton, Devon
August 19th Caird Hall, Dundee …. first date of a Scottish tour
August 26th Clacton, Essex
August Grimsby, Lincolnshire
Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset
Ripley, Surrey
Nantwich, Cheshire
September 3rd Orpington, Kent
September 19th-25th cabaret dates in Darlington (the Flamingo Club) and Middlesbrough
October 1st Raven Club, R.A.F. Waddington, Lincolnshire

Nick described the Raven Club as “a tremendous gig, Johnny was in top form.” A keen and excited Kidd was looking forward to the next gig at Bolton on Friday 7th October. They arrived late and although Kidd was willing to perform free the manager cancelled the show. Instead, they visited the Nelson Imperial looking for bookings as they got on well with the manager there. It was just after midnight and while travelling back, the car in which Kidd and Nick were passengers was involved in a collision three miles south of Bury, Lancashire. Traffic had to be diverted while firemen cut the injured out of the wreckage. Nick was hospitalised at Bolton Royal Infirmary with lacerations, plus head, back and arm injuries, but Johnny Kidd was pronounced dead on arrival.

Bobby Hebb

December 1st Streatham Locarno Ballroom
December 5th Pavilion Ballroom, Bath
December 9th Gaiety Theatre, Rhyl, Wales
December 10th Imperial Ballroom, Nelson
December 10th Dungeon Club, Nottingham
December 11th Ram Jam Club, Brixton
  Tiles, London
  Cavern Club, Liverpool


February 23rd Royal Naval Air Station, Helston
February 24th Penzance
February 25th Plaza Ballroom, Newquay
March 3rd Welwyn Garden City



The Flowerpot Men / Sundial

This list is in progress…. thanks to Alex Kononow for supplying some gigs from the Marmalade Skies web site. 

Carter-Lewis, the songwriters behind The Flowerpot Men hit “Let’s Go To San Francisco”, lease the group name to Ivy League singer Tony Burrows so that he can put together a touring group to cash-in on the hit. The group includes future Deep Purple members Jon Lord and Nick Simper, Ged Peck who eventually becomes guitarist with Simper’s post-Purple group Warhorse, and future Fat Mattress singer Neil Landon. They tour constantly through until the following February.

1st-6th October  1967 BBC SESSIONS (1st, Happening Sunday-2nd-6th, Pete Brady)
1st October* Manchester Mr Smiths  
6th October* Rugby Benn Memorial Hall  
4th October* Finsbury Park Astoria

*Traffic headline a package tour bill that includes The Flowerpot Men, Tomorrow, Art, The Mindbenders and Vanilla Fudge.

6th October* ABC, Chesterfield
7th October * City Hall, Newcastle
8th October * Empire, Liverpool
10th October* ABC, Croydon
11th October* Birmingham Town Hall
13th October* Colston Hall, Bristol
14th October* Gaumont, Wolverhampton
15th October* De Montfort Hall, Leicester
17th October* Gaumont, Ipswich
28th October Hinckley St George’s Ballroom  
4th November BBC SESSIONS  
4th November Imperial Ballroom, Nelson  
15th November Stevenage Locarno  
17th November BBC SESSIONS  
17th November BBC1 TV Crackerjack  
18th November BBC SESSIONS  
18th November Birmingham Flowerpot  
19th November* Saville Theatre

*Robin Gibb of The Bee Gees has a lucky escape when the train on which he is travelling crashes at Hither Green in South East London (5th). Forty-nine people are killed but Gibb emerges from an overturned carriage suffering shock. A fortnight later the group play a special show in aid of the disaster fund followed by a concert at the Saville Theatre (19th), supported by The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band and The Flowerpot Men.

20th November Stokley S&S Club
25th November German TV Beat Club
26th November – 2nd December Latino, South Shields (Cabaret)
2nd December BBC SESSIONS
3rd – 7th December Wetherall’s, Sunderland (Cabaret)
8th December California Ballroom, Dunstable
9th December Nottingham University
12th December  Keele University
16th December Hinckley St George
19th December Southport Kingsway
23rd December Nantwich Civic Hall
30th December German TV Beat Club  
3rd February California Ballroom, Dunstable  
5th-9th February  BBC SESSIONS  




Deep Purple Mk I 

20.04.68 Tastrup Vestpoppen Parkskolen, Denmark  (11 Scandinavian concerts in 17 days also including Copenhagen Nimb Club, Gothenburg and Roskid and a TV appearance)
15.07.68 Dutch TV
03.08.68 Warrington The Lion, UK  
Aug 68 Ramsgate, UK  
Aug 68 London Roundhouse, UK  
10.08.68 Sunbury National Jazz Festival Kempton Park Racecourse, UK  
Aug 68 Berne, Switzerland  
Sept 68 Battersea ILEA College, UK  
27.09.68 Birmingham Mother’s Club, UK  
28.09.68 Plymouth Van Dyke Club, UK  
17.10.68 Dating Game TV Show, USA  
18.10.68 Los Angeles Inglewood Forum California, USA (support to Cream)
19.10.68 Los Angeles Inglewood Forum California, USA (support to Cream)
26/27.10.68 San Francisco International Pop Festival, USA (support to Cream)
November 68 California, Washington, Oregon, Vancouver  
06.12.68 Chicago Electric Theatre, USA  
07.12.68 Chicago Electric Theatre, USA  
11.12.68 Evansville ABC Shopping Centre, Indiana, USA  
13.12.68 Kentucky Grand Ballroom, USA  
14.12.68 Dearborn Michigan, USA  
16.12.68 Merv Griffin TV Show  
18.12.68 Oswego Lee Hall New York, USA  
20.12.68 New York Filmore East, USA  
21.12.68 New York Filmore East, USA  
22.12.68 New York The Rock Pile, USA  
24-31.12.68 New York Electric Circus, USA  
18.01.69 Crewe, UK  
06.02.69 Radio One Club, Birmingham Top Rank Suite  
07.02.69 Sheffield, UK  
08.02.69 Wolverhampton, UK  
12.02.69 Cardiff Wales, UK  
15.02.69 London University College, UK – Grand Valentine’s Day Rag Ball
22.02.69 Newcastle, UK  
23.02.69 Argus Butterfly, UK  
01.03.69 Kay Club, Wales, UK  
07.03.69 London Goldsmith’s College, UK  
13.03.69 Newcastle City Hall, UK  
14.03.69 Redditch, UK  
15.03.69 Rutherford, UK  
20.03.69 London Speakeasy, UK  
21.03.69 Swansea, UK  
22.03.69 Brighton, UK  
01.04.69 Tacoma Eastern Washington State College, Washington, USA  
02.04.69 Olympia Evergreen Ballroom, Washington, USA  
03.04.69 Seattle Arena, Washington, USA  
04.04.69 Vancouver Agradome, Canada  
05.04.69 Salem Armory Oregon, USA  
05.04.69 Eugene Armory Oregon, USA  
06.04.69 Edmonton Fieldhouse, Alberta  
11.04.69 San Jose Santa Clara Fair California, USA  
12.04.69 Astoria Armory Oregon, USA  
13.04.69 Portland Temple Oregon, USA  
14.04.69 Billington Western Washington State College Washington, USA
15.04.69 Cheney Eastern Washington State College Washington, USA  
18.04.69 Pasadena Rose Palace California, USA  
25.04.69 Fresno Convention Centre California, USA  
26.04.69 San Diego Community Concourse, California, USA  
28.04.69 Redding Shasta College California, USA  
29.04.69 Ashland South Oregon College Oregon, USA  
30.04.69 Chico State College California, USA  
03.05.69 Pittsburgh Carnegie/Mellon University Pennsylvania, USA  
04.05.69 Providence Warehouse Rhode Island, USA  
09.05.69 Melbourne Civic Auditorium Florida, USA  
10.05.69  Long Island Hangar Nassau Community College New York, USA
15.05.69 Cedar Rapids Coe College Florida, USA  
16.05.69 West Point Blue Village Illinois, USA  
18.05.69 Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA  
23.05.69 New York Forum, USA  
25.05.69 Norfolk, Virginia, USA  
29.05.69 Gilligan’s, Buffalo, New York, USA  
10.06.69 Cambridge, UK  
14.06.69 Birmingham Mother’s Club, UK  
20.06.69 Brussels Revolution Club, Belgium  
23.06.69 Christchurch College  
27.06.69 Swansea, UK  
28.06.69 London Revolution Club, UK  
04.07.69 Cardiff Top Rank, Wales, UK  


Marsha Hunt Band

22nd August Bilzen Jazz Festival, Bilzen, Belgium

a clip of this show, including an interview with Marsha, can be found on YouTube. By some perverse quirk of fate, Deep Purple Mk II were apparently also on the bill!

30th August Isle of Wight Festival

They were billed as “Marsha Hunt and White Trash”, that being the name of Marsha’s previous backing band. The estimated attendance was 100,000, and they were on before the Who. However Ged Peck does not have fond memories of the gig, as you can find out at the Isle Of Wight Festivals web site here.



This list is in progress…. thanks to Kononow Alex for supplying some 1970/71 gigs from the Marmalade Skies web site. 

17th March  Dacorum College, Hemel Hempstead debut gig supporting Mott The Hoople
22nd May  Glasgow Green’s Playhouse  
12th October London Marquee  
27th November London Temple Club  
19th December  Boston Gliderdrome  
22nd December BBC SESSIONS  
24th December London Temple Club  
6th January Harlow Aquarius  
10th February Tunbridge Wells Civic Hall  
16th February Wisbech Burlesque  
25th February London Temple Club  
26th February Penarth Paget Room  
27th February Coventry College  
5th March Woolaston Nag’s Head  
12th March Penarth, Stanwell School  
13th March Birmingham, Hall Green Tech College  
14th March Stevenage, Bowes Lyon House  
17th March Harlow Birdcage  
18th March Birkenhead, Golden Primrose  
19th March Maidstone College Of Art  
26th March East Herts Tech College  
28th March Hull City Hall  
29th March London, Marquee  
30th March  The Fickle Pickle Club, Alexandra Hotel, Southend  
31st March  Western Super Mare Winter Gardens  
30th April London Sisters Club  
2nd May London Lyceum Warhorse did not play as advertised due to “inaccurate and misleading information from an Agency”
13th May BBC2 TV  
June 4th London City University
13th June Locarno Ballroom, Blackpool
June 22nd  Oxford Town Hall
June 24th Cambridge, Dorothy Ballroom
26th July Princess Theatre, Clacton on Sea
August 1st London Marquee
August 13th London Temple Club
October 8th Hornsea Floral Hall
October 14th Maldon Jubilee Hall
October 16th London Temple Club 
20th November High Wycombe College
28th November Marquee, London
16th January Windrush Twynight Club, High Wycombe  
28th April London Fulham Greyhound  
20th May Waltham Forest Polytechnic, Walthamstow  
29th May Lincoln, Great Western Express Festival  
21st June Sheffield University  
21st October Workington West Cumberland College  
28th October Chester College  
31st March Westminster Technical College  
4th May Ilkeston Regency  
18th May Mary Ward College, Nottingham  
1st June Hereford College  
18th June Sutton In Ashfield Golden Diamond  
22nd June Mayfair, Newcastle Upon Tyne  
23rd June Warrington Padgate College  
27th June Bath Pavilion  
8th July Bletchley Football Ground (open-air festival)
12th August Swansea Pandora’s  
16th August Birmingham Bogart’s  
21st September Cheltenham Pavilion Club  
25th January Friday 1974 Westfield College, London   
29th March Technical College, Isle Of Wight (?) to be confirmed
5th April Country Bumpkin, Andover (?)
6th- 26th April Holland, Belgium and Germany (?)
April 28th Birmingham College (?)
20th November Art College, Oakwood Park (?)

Lord Sutch & Heavy Friends


October 9th 1976 – Nick Simper and Roger Truth take part in the “Johnny Kidd Memorial Show” at the Edwardian Club at the Loughborough Hotel in Brixton. Carlo Little guests on drums, along with Screaming Lord Sutch and Wee Willie Harris on vocals. 

Rosco Gordon

It was while he was with Flying Fox, in 1978, that Carlo Little was asked by the owner of the 100 Club in London to perform a special gig. “One day I got a phone call from the 100 Club in London asking me if I would get a band together to back Roscoe Gordon. I asked Pete Parks on guitar, Nick Simper on bass, and Sid Philips on sax. We rehearsed with Roscoe the afternoon of the gig. At around 11pm, while we were on-stage, there was suddenly a buzz in the club. In had walked a big guy who knew Roscoe from way back, they were great buddies. He walked on to the stage asking Pete if he could use his guitar, then he the proceeded to go into a blues song. It was the great B. B. King! He had been in town and had just finished a gig at the Hammersmith Odeon. We performed about four numbers with him, slow blues numbers, and I briefly told him how good it had been before he left as quickly as he had arrived. The show was recorded and released on album without our knowledge. There is a photo on the wall of the 100 Club still today of B. B. King when he performed there and you can see me drumming in the background!” B. B. King’s support, the Bobby Bland band, were also there, and Wayne Bennett their guitarist also played that night.