“DIE Wiener Classic Rock Band”
859210_596920277035896_597400010_o The Good Old Boys on Facebook
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The Blagards and Cowboys web site, featuring Johnny Kerrison, Nick and Pete Parks.
Mick’s got his own web site up and running with a little help from Carol Hynson. Definitely worth checking out!
Fantastic web site all about the life of Carlo Little (1938-2005)
Excellent site covering the entire history of this seminal British R&B band.  You can read about Nick’s involvement here.

three highly informative Deep Purple websites

Deep Purple Covers Bands
Pollytone Records – label specialising in 50’s Rock ‘n’ Roll, Rockabilly, neo-Rockabilly, Country, 40’s.They issued “Rag Moppin'” by Wee Willie Harris and the Alabama Slammers
Cyril Davies Web Site
  Pluto – underground/progressive band from the early seventies. Pete Parks guested on guitar in 1992. 
  “Let it Rock”
Classic Rock web site containing loads of interviews
  The Official Cream Revival Band – featuring Nasty Habits’ Peter Brkusic